We are curious; we connect ideas in meaningful ways; we are detail oriented; and we deliver distinctive and captivating projects that transform places through design. At every stage, we engage in dialogue with our clients while being ever mindful of business, economic and performance goals.

Each project provides the opportunity to examine context, purpose, client driven business goals and operational efficiency. By sharing our enthusiasm and curiosity, we engage in conversations that understand and focus on what matters, balancing environmental sustainability, with social, cultural and fiscal responsibility. MTA thinks as Master Planners, Urban Designers, Architects and Interior Designers. This skill set allows us to easily move through all scales of influence - from the city to the community to the building.

In partnership with our clients MTA leaders establish the project’s guiding principles and values for the life of the project.

Architecture & Urban Design shape our daily experiences. At MTA we have a social responsibility and opportunity with each new project to improve the world around us and creating inspiring communities.